Thursday, July 2, 2009

Never give up

This shot was taken in Venkatagiri hills. My first tough trek where I was hardly able to give up and coz of encouragement I overcome the tiredness and conquered two hills! Never give up. You could see our CTCians below the hill marching towards it!


Up above 900M, where the clouds are under your feet and the wind can easily blew 25kgs and here our man stands in a cliff with wind blowing out heavily! You could see his t-shirt waving on other side, literally pushing him!


This was taken in Nagalapuram. This is CTC’s lunch spot whenever they trek to 300M water fall or to the caves. This is an amazing place to stand under the fall and enjoy the beauty/water


Shot taken in Tada! Thanks to my friend Samyak who is an excellent photographer pointed this out to shoot it. It was not so easy to capture these butterflies. They are so sensitive and by the way we walk, they feel the vibration from the earth and move off quickly. Me and Sam were lying opposite side and waiting these things to settle down.

Duck walk

Thanks for Sunita and Anu. Their car got a flat tire and I was able to get down of the road to take these ducks walking on the road!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monalisa from Portugal

This is my best shot! I like the smile and the scarf, the color of the dress and the lighting. All these favored me to take this pic! But the main factor was my dear friend Maria :) She is a smiling beauty and very good friend from Portugal. Many more of her pictures to come :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kick ‘em out!

Second shot was taken in Nagala and it was a candid shot. Look the guy who is kicked is in the air. Both the shots, the timing were the factor. Many more timing shots are coming. Thanks to Ravi for lending his camera to flick this shot!